Quality Management

  • Promotes research activities.
  • Creates awareness among students about the recent developments in various disciplines,
  • Motivate students to participate in research oriented activities
  • Offers guidance to the faculty in proposing externally funded research projects
Coordinator : Dr Gijy Abraham,
Executive Committee Members
Dr Minoo Divakaran,
Dr Sumangala P,
Mrs. Sushmitha Ramakrishnan
Members : A staff representative from each department
Two student representatives from each batch.

  • Interdepartmental and Intercollegiate Competitions based on new trends
  • Competitions & compilations in Research Paper Presentations
  • Intercollegiate quiz competitions
  • Science Day celebrations.
  • Displaying latest developments in various disciplines on a Bulletin Board
  • Submission of proposals to the UGC for seminar and workshop funding
  • Promote publication output
Library Facilities Utilized for Research Laboratories and Instruments
Digital library

Subscription to e-journals and other journals

Dept libraries
INFLIBNET subscription
LAN connectivity
Multimedia Lab
Internet connectivity

Computer labs
Computers in all departments
Seminar and Conference halls
Language Lab
Research Room/ Project Rooms
Plant Tissue Culture Lab.
Material Science Research Lab
Ultrasonic interferometer (Solid, Liquid)
Thin film vacuum coating
Constant deviation spectrometer
Taxonomic research lab
Stereo zoom microscope with camera Lucida & photographic attachment
Centrifuges, Oven, Autoclave
Calorimeter, Digital balances


Recognized Research Guides under the MG University:

Dr Minoo Divakaran (Dept of Botany).

Major achievements of the faculty recognized for research :

Biodiversity Studies on the mantid Fauna of kerala, TN, Karnataka and Goa.
Identification of four new species and 1 new genus of mantids
A book on the Mantid Fauna of Kerala authored by Dr. MC. Vyjayandi, published by the Zoological Survey of India
Biotechnological approaches for crop improvement
Standardization of protocols for improvement of Vanilla utilizing biotechnological tools
In vitro Conservation of species
Genetic diversity studies using molecular profiles

Faculty Research Projects

Sl No Completed Research Projects Principal investigator & Department Funding Source Nature
  Science Section      
1. Pharmacognostic & chemical studies on Sida species used in Bala in Ayurveda Dr. M.Shylaja, Botany KSCSTE Major
2. Investigation on the aquatic angiosperm flora of Calicut district Smt. Umadevi. T., Botany UGC Major
3. Wavelets Theory and its application to stochastic modelling Smt. Thresiakutty. P.V., Mathematics UGC Major
4. Assessment of drinking water quality problems associated with industrial & agricultural activities and salinity intrusions in Kozhikode district Sr. Jesiamma Joseph, Chemistry KSCSTE Major
5. Comparative assessment of well water quality along coast of Canoly canal in Calicut city Sr. Jesiamma Joseph, Chemistry UGC Major
6. Biosystematics of mantid fauna of kerala and Western ghats Dr. M.C. Vyjayandi, Zoology UGC Major
7. Biodiversity Conservation and Documentation of local plant diversity Dr Minoo Divakaran Botany MoEF &CED Major

Sl No Ongoing Research Projects Principal investigator & Department Funding Source Nature
  Science Section      
1. Biodiversity of mantid fauna of TN, Karnataka and Goa Dr. M.C. Vyjayandi, Zoology DST Major
2. Preparation and characterization of thin film solar cell Dr. Sobha. A.,Physics UGC Major
3. Ultrasonic sensor systems Dr. Sumangala, Physics UGC Major
4. Food Adulteration Dr.Gigy Abraham, Chemistry UGC Major
5. Nanoparticles – an Analytical Comparison Sr. Asha Thomas, Chemistry UGC Major
6. In vitro Multiplication of Endangered Species of Vanilla Dr. Minoo Divakaran, Botany UGC Major
7. Bactericidal Properties of a few Members of Lamiaceae Dr. Deena Meria Jose, Botany UGC Major
  Arts Section      
8. The Dialogism of Subversion : The Polysemy of Language exploited by the Art of Satire Smt. Bindu. A, English UGC  
9. Relationship Marketing as a Growth Strategy in Consumer Goods Market Dr. D.R. Prema, Commerce UGC  
10. Determinants of Agricultural Production in Kerala Dr. Sindhu.M, Economics UGC  

List of Research publications of faculty in journals during the past five years (04-10) (IF: Impact factor, *International Journals)

Publications : : Total No (93)
1. Research articles in journals 32
2. Books 7
3. Chapters in Books 18
4. Popular articles 3
5. Lectures / talks delivered 33

Major publications of the Faculty during 2004-2010 are listed below;


  1. A new species of praying mantis from India (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Zoospirit 20 (3); 1807-1808.

  2. A new species of NESOLYNX Ashmed from Borneo. (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Ind J of Env & Ecoplannig 10 (1); 41-44.

  3. The mantids (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Science India 8(9) : 15-19

  4. Advances in Biotechnology of Spices and Herbs (Dr. Minoo et al). Ind. J.Bot.Res. 1(2): 155-214.

  5. * Rasagenthi Lehyam (RGL): A novel Complementary Alternate Medicine (CAM) for Prostate Cancer. (Dr. Girija et al) Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 54: 7–15. (IF-2.7)

  6. * Secretary and Basal Cells of the Epithelium of the Tubular Glands in the Male Mullerian Gland of the Caecilian Uraeotyphlus narayani (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) (Dr. Girija et al) Journal of Morphology 262: 760-279

  7. The Transposed Tale: A comparative Study of Karnad’s Hayavadana and Thomas Man’s The Transposed Heads’ (Bindu.A) Pursuits, (2) 2004

  8. 2005-2006

  9. Right to Water: Theoretical Concerns and Practical Issues. (Rosemary) Ind. J. Political Science, LXVII -4,

  10. Spices biotechnology (Dr. Minoo et al). J. Hortl Sciences 1: 1-14

  11. Evaluation of Cinnamomum cassia Blume for yield and quality. (Minoo et al) J. Non-timber Forest Pdts. 13(1): 61-62.

  12. * Single crystal EPR study of Mn (II) doped magnesium (Jessiamma) Spectrochemica Acta 60-607. (IF 1.5, Cited by 4)

  13. * Water quality index of different areas in (Dr Jessiamma et al) Asian J Chem. 18 (1) : 740-742. (IF 0.268)

  14. * Dependence of ground water quality on rainfall (Dr. Jessiamma et al) Asian J Chemistry 18 (1) : 485-490. (IF 0.268)

  15. The Theory of Rasa (Shyama.E) Dhwani V(6)

  16. Cytotoxic effects of Piper betle and Areca catechu on Allium cepa root meristems (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Millenium Zoology 6 (1)

  17. * Interspecific hybridization in vanilla and molecular characterization of hybrids and selfed progenies using RAPD and AFLP markers. (Minoo et al) Scientia Horticulturae. 108:414-422. (IF 1.197, Cited by 8)

  18. * Conservation of Vanilla species - in vitro (Minoo et al) Scientia Horticulturae 110: 175-180. (IF 1.197, Cited by 11)

  19. Spices biotechnology. (Minoo et al) J. Hort. Sci.: 1: 1-14.

  20. * A new species of praying mantis Iris keralensis (Insecta: Mantodea) from Kerala, India (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Oriental Insects 40 : 285-290

  21. * A new species of Elmantis domestica from Kerala, India. (Vyjayandi et al) Entomon 31 (4)

  22. * First report of an interesting species of mantis Diephobe infuscate from Wynad, kerala, India. (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) J. Entomological Research 30 (4) : 359-361.

  23. An overview of Taxonomy and feeding potential of some mantids of Kozhikode district. (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Millenium Zoology: 83.

  24. Responses to the Dominance of the Imperial Language (Shyama E.) Interventions: Journal of the Dept of English, University of Calicut.

  25. 2006-2007

  26. Comparative anatomical studies of Sida species used in Bala in Ayurveda. (Shylaja et al) J. Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Sci. 28(2): 203-208.

  27. * Micropropagation and encapsulation of medicinally important Chonemorpha grandiflora (Nishitha IK et al) In vitroCell Dev – Plant (2006)

  28. 2007-2008

  29. Fabricated Icons, fragmented selves: gender Stereotyping in Advertisements (Bindu.A) Osmania Journal of Women’s Studies (1).

  30. * Genetic variations and relationships in cultivated Vanilla planifolia and few related species using RAPD polymorphism. (Minoo et al) Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 55:459-470 (IF 1.238)

  31. Isolation and fusion of protoplasts in Vanilla species. (Minoo et al) Current Science 94: 113-118 (IF 0.567)

  32. * Organogenesis from leaf and internode explants of Ophiorrhiza prostrata, an anticancerous drug (campothecin) producing plant (Nishitha IK et al), Eloctronic Journal of Biotechnology 10(1) : 1-10.

  33. 2008-2009

  34. Water, Ecosystems and Society: A Confluence of Disciplines (Rosemary) Journal of Polity and Society, 2(1)

  35. * A new genus of praying mantis Cotigaonopsis from Goa, India (Insecta: Mantodea) (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C. et al) Genus Vol. 20(3)

  36. Selaginella nainii Dixit (Selaginellaceae, Pteridophyta), a new record for South India. (Dr. Nisha et al) J. Economic & Taxonomic Botany 32 (3) : 559-561

  37. Communicated to Journals

  38. Responses of the epididymis to treatment of andrographolide, a phytotherapeutic from Andrographis paniculata Nees (Acanthaceae) and a potential testicular toxicant: study in Wistar rat. (Girija R et al) Communicated to Food and Chemical Toxicology IF 1.08

  39. Manifestations in the epididymis in response to treatment of ursolic acid, a phytotherapeutic : a study in Wistar rat. (Girija R et al) Communicated to Reprodu- ctive Toxicology IF 1.08

  40. First report of some mantid species from Karnataka, India (Dr. Vyjayandi. M.C.) J.Biosystematica

  41. Some interesting species of praying mantids from Valparai, Tamilnadu, India (Dr.Vyjayandi. M.C.) J. Entomological Research

  42. 2010 Onwards

  43. Sustainability of Contemporary Industrialization Strategies: The Plachimada Issue in Kerala – A Case Study', (Rose Mary, 2010) Journal of Development and Security, Vol.1, Issue.1, 2010.

  44. 'Common Property Resource Management and Water Governance: The Indian Scenario', (Rose mary, 2010) Newman & Society, Bi-annual Journal, Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala, Special Issue on Water Governance in India, Vol. 1, no. 02 July-December 2010.

  45. 'Dynamic Strategies and Static Issues in Water Governance: A Case of Water Privatization in India', (Rose Mary, 2010) Journal of Management & Public Policy, Vol. 2, No. 1 December 2010, ISSN (Online): 0976-0148, ISSN (Print): 0976-013X.

  46. Selaginella lakkidiana sp. Nov. (Selaginellaceae) from India. (Nisha P et al, 2011). Nordic Journal of Botany. 28: 1-3.

  47. Minoo D et al., (2010) Biotechnological Applications In Vanilla, In Eric Odoux and Michel Grisoni (eds) Vanilla, Medicinal and Aromatic Profiles, Taylor & Francis Group, CRC Press, USA. pp 51-73.


    Dr. D R Prema

  • Prepared Study material of "Business Regulatory Framework" for the 3rd semester students of B.Com, BBA and BA Travel and Tourism
  • Ms. Annie Antony

  • Prepared study material of "Indian Financial System" in capsule form


    Dr.M.D.Radhika delivered the following Lectures:

  • 'Re-reading SK Pottekat's Short Stories' at a seminar organised by the Kerala Sahitya Samiti on 17-4-2010
  • 'The Legacy of Kadathanattu Madhavi Amma' at the Birth Centenary Celebrations of the Poet conducted by Kerala Sahitya Parishat and Sahitya Vedi, Vatakara on 13-6-2010
  • 'New Perspectives on Woman' at the Orientation to the freshers of Providence Women's College on 30-7-2010.
  • 'The Relevance of Political Satire' at a Book Release organised by the Mathrubhoomi Books during the Penguin Book Fair on 6-9-2010
  • Woman's Impaired Self-love at a Seminar organized by 'Thanal' in connection with Suicide Prevention Day on 10-9-2010
  • Was interviewed by Mr Juan Antonio Giner, 'Innovation' (International Media Consulting Group, London) as part of a survey conducted by The Mathrubhoomi Publications on 27-9-2010
  • Spoke on 'A Physics of the Mind from a Feminist Perspective' at the Valedictory function of the Physics Association, Providence Women's College, on 13-2- 2011
  • Dr.Lalitha Menon

  • Delivered a Frontier Series Lecture on 'Text as Gender' at Providence Women's College, on 14-2-2011
  • Judged the Intercollegiate Paper Presentation Competition for the PG students held by the Dept. of Physics, Providence Women's College.
  • Was the Subject Expert on the Interview Board for selection of High School and Higher Secondary School Teachers at Amrita Vidyalayam, Calicut on 12-3-2011.
  • Ancy Mathew

  • Judged the English Drama Competition at the Ragam Cultural Fest organised by NIT,Calicut in March 2011.
  • Tessie Thanjan

  • Delivered the Valedictory Address of the Botany Association on 16-2-2011
  • Bindu Amat

  • Conducted a State-Level Quiz for Women at the University of Calicut, under the auspices of Dreamz Infotainment, on 6-6-10, and a quiz at MES Medical College, Perinthalmanna, on 21-12-09 and the Business Quiz, 'Acumen', at the Agrata management Fest, Providence Women's College, on 18-1-2011
  • Secured the first place in the Quiz Competition for Women conducted by the 'Quiz Internationale', Ireland, under its Kerala Chapter in June 2010.
  • Conducted a Workshop on Communication Skills and Spoken English at the Arvind Vidyaniketan, Calicut on 4-3-2011
  • Was a Panelist for State-wide Top Teen Contest conducted by OISCA International on 21-11-2010


    Lini E.

  • In commemoration with the birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose, delivered a Netaji Memorial Lecture at the Netaji Vayanashala(adopted village of the college) on 23rd January 2011


    Smt. V A Indrani Devi

  • Subject expert for the interview for the post , Assistant professor of Mathematics at W M O college ,Wynad.
  • Question paper setter for state service test conducted by P S C.
  • Conducted an interview with Aacharya Sreemad Hari Swamiji, about Thanthra Vidya on ACV Channel.
  • Smt.Suchithra E

  • Presented a Paper In "CHILD STATISTICS " on Statistics Day celebration conducted along with NSSO,Calicut.
  • Provided consultancy to the M D students of Vaidya Rantam P S Warriers Ayurveda College, Kottakkal in their thesis topics.

Political Science

    Dr.Rose Mary George

  • 'Sustainability of Contemporary Industrialization Strategies: The Plachimada Issue in Kerala – A Case Study', Journal of Development and Security (Official Journal of V. K. Krishna Menon Study Centre for International Relations, University of Kerala), Vol.1, Issue.1, 2010.
  • 'Common Property Resource Management and Water Governance: The Indian Scenario', Newman & Society, Bi-annual Journal, Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala, Special Issue on Water Governance in India, Vol. 1, no. 02 July-December 2010.
  • 'Dynamic Strategies and Static Issues in Water Governance: A Case of Water Privatization in India', Journal of Management & Public Policy, Vol. 2, No. 1 December 2010, ISSN (Online): 0976-0148, ISSN (Print): 0976-013X.


    Dr.Mini P.Balakrishnan

  • Was one of the resource persons for the State level seminar organized by the Kerala Higher education Council at BPC College, Piravam
  • Gave a talk on Fractals at Farook College,Feroke
  • Inaugurated the Physics association and delivered a lecture on The Methodology of Physics at Govt. College,Kodenchery
  • Gave a talk at Devagiri CMI Public School on " Excitement of Physics"

Give list of publications of the faculty.

   a.    Books
  1. *Shylaja M (2004) Cinnamon and Cassia ; The Genus Cinnamon. CRC Press, USA.
  2. Sreekumari S. (2006) Malayala Bhashayude Navothanavum Sahithya Samghatanakalum, Chinta Publishers, Thiruvanthapuram.
  3. Sreekumari S (2006) Pazhmayude Mazha, Vigyankairali Thiruvanthapuram.
  4. Radhika M.D. (2007). Madakkayaathrakal: Anthology of short stories. Published by Mathrubhumi Books, Calicut
  5. Vyjayandi M.C. (2007) Mantid Fauna of kerala. Published by Zoological Survey of India, Kolkatta.
  6. Sumangala R.(2009) A Course Material on the Methodology of Science and Physics”, published by the University of Calicut.
  7. Minoo.D. (2010) Plant Biotechnology and Food Security, published by Providence Women’s College, Calicut.

   b.    Chapters in Books (*International Editions)

  1. * Shylaja M, et al (2004) Botany and crop improvement of Cinnamon. pp. 14- 79. In PN Ravindran, K Nirmal Babu and R Shylaja (eds) Cinnamon and Cassia – The genus Cinnamomum, CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA.
  2. * Shylaja M et al (2004) Camphor Tree Cinnamomum camphora (Bercht. & Presl), pp. 211- 238. In PN Ravindran, K Nirmal Babu and R Shailaja (eds) Cinnamon and Cassia – The genus Cinnamomum, CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA.
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   c.    Articles in Periodicals

  1. Minoo Divakaran et al (2006). Small Cardamom. Spice India. Feb. 06.pp 13-15 (Hindi)
  2. Minoo D. (2008) Varnapookkalude Vaadavasantham, Vyavsaya Keralam,
  3. Radhika MD (2008) Women and TV Channels. Madhyamam (Annual)

   d.    Conference/Seminar Proceedings

  1. Dr. Mini.P.Balakrishnan (2004) Intercollegiate Seminar on Non Linear Equations and Chaos, organized by Vimala College, Trichur, 11 June 2004.
  2. Dr. Mini.P.Balakrishnan (2004) Intercollegiate Seminar on Non Linear Equations and Chaos, organized by Vimala College, Trichur, 11 June 2004.
  3. Dr.M.D.Radhika (2005) National Seminar on Women & Literature Dept of English, C.Achutha Menon Government College, Thrissur, 6 & 7 Jan. 2005.
  4. Shylaja M (2005) Pharmacognostic investigations on Sida species. Presented in Kerala Science Congress held at KFRI, Peechi. 29-31 Jan2005.
  5. Dr.M.D.Radhika (2005) Feminist Theory, UGC sponsored Orientation Programme on Value Education, Academic Staff College, University of Calicut, 17 Feb.2005.
  6. Rosemary G ‘Building Local Resistance in Plachimada’, presented in National Seminar on ‘Local Resistance in the Age of Globalisation’ organized by Department of Economics and Political Science, Government College, Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram, 23rd Feb 2005.
  7. Rosemary G ‘Water Rights and its Violation: A Case Study of Plachimada’, presented in International Seminar organized by Association of Third World Studies, South Asia Chapter, Thiruvananthapuram,14-15 May 2005.
  8. Rosemary G ‘Challenging Power Politics at Grassroots Level: The Case of Perumatty Gramapanchayat’, presented in National Seminar on ‘Panchayati Raj in Kerala’ organized by School of Gandhian Thought and Development, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam on 4-5 August 2005.
  9. Rosemary G ‘Exclusion of Common Property Rights of Local People in Panchayti Raj System: The Study of Water Problem in Plachimada’, presented in International Conference on ‘A Decade of Decentralization in Kerala: Issues, Options and Lessons’ organized by Institute of Social Science, Thiruvananthapuram on 7-9 October 2005.
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  13. Rosemary G (2006) ‘Ground Water Depletion: Issues and Concerns: The Case of Plachimada’, presented in National Seminar on ‘Strengthening of Water Protection Laws in Kerala’ organized jointly by School of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin and Rain Center, KWRSA, Government of Kerala on 7th January 2006.
  14. Dr.M.D.Radhika (2006) Feminist Theory – an Overview-State Level Seminar at Govt. College, Madappally, 15 Feb. 2006.
  15. Rosemary G ‘Sustainability of Contemporary Industrialization Strategies: The Plachimada Issue in Kerala: A Case Study’, presented in International Conference on ‘Fifty Years of Kerala’s Development: Issues, Strategies and Options’ held at Department of Economics, University of Kerala on 15-17 February 2006.
  16. Rosemary G ‘Marginalisation of Dalits in Access to Water: The Case of Kerala’, UGC sponsored National Seminar on ‘Dalit Assertion in India’ held by Department of History, Newman College, Thodupuzha, 17-18 Feb 2006.
  17. Rosemary G ‘Impact of New Development Strategies: The Study of Water Pollution in Kerala’, presented in Seminar on ‘Environment, Growth and Human Development in Kerala’ organized by Department of Political Science, Sree Narayana College, Cherthala on 27 - 28 February 2006.
  18. Rosemary G ‘Regime Change in Common Property Resource Management; Policy Responses and Resistance: A Study of Water Right Movement in Plachimada and Shivnath’, in National Seminar on ‘Political Regimes, Economic Reforms and Policy Processes in Indian States’ organized by Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad on 16-19 March 2006.
  19. Vinodan A (2006) International initiations in Eco-tourism. Presented in the National Seminar on Eco-tourism organized by the Departments of Commerce, Providence Women’s College, Kozhikode.
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  25. Dr.M.D.Radhika (2008) ‘Human Rights and Feminism’ – Refresher Course in Human Rights, Academic Staff College, University of Calicut, 10-3-08.
  26. Dr.Mini.P. Balakrishnan (2008) Image Compression using Wavelets as Resource Person at the UGC sponsored National Seminar at Government College,Kasargod, 18.10.08.
  27. Priyadarshini P (2008) Legislations Related to Women in India : Loopholes and Drawbacks. 69th Session of Indian History Congress, Kannur Univeristy,28-30 Dec.
  28. Laina P (2008) Gandhiji and Civil disobedience Movement in Malabar. National Seminar on Gandhian ideology and its picture in North Malabar
  29. Dr.Mini.P. Balakrishnan (2009) Wavlets for Image Compression at the National Seminar at CAS College, Madayi, 17.01.09.
  30. Dr.Mini.P. Balakrishnan 2009) Image Compression using Wavelets and Fractals at the UGC Sponsored National Seminar at Marthoma College, Thiruvalla, 26.3.09.
  31. Rosemary G. ‘Ground Water Governance in Kerala: Issues and Concerns’, Governance Reforms; Challenges Ahead, T. M. Joseph (Ed), Kanishka Publishers, Distributors, New Delhi, 2009.
  32. Rosemary G(2009) ‘Ground and Surface Water Privatisation: Cases of Kerala and Chhattisgarh’ presented in National Seminar conducted by Department of Economics, Government College, Kasaragod, 8-9 Jan 2009.
  33. Rosemary G (2009) ‘Human Rights: New Dimensions’ presented in Seminar organized by Human Rights Club, Department of Political Science, Government Brennen College, Thalassery on 15 December 2009.

   e.     Course materials (for Distance Education)

  1. Bindu. A. Prepared course material for General English Paper for the Degree Course for the School of Distance Education, University of Calicut.

Short Stories

Dr. M.D.Radhika Ulpathikramam. Madhyamam, 14 April., 2008

Oomakathu. Adapted for the making of a feature film by Nanthyat Productions in 2008

Naalu Pennungal – Published in the Mathrubhumi Sunday Special, August 2009

Megharaagam - Published in the Mathrubhumi Sunday Special, November 2009

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